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ISO 17025 and ISO 15189

QA Laboratory Consult can help your laboratory to implement and maintain a management system according to ISO / IEC 17025 or ISO 15189. We have extensive experience with the guidance of the laboratory to obtain accreditation and the permanent maintenance of both systems. Starting point is the situation of your business and your laboratory and the goals you have set the company or laboratory. In addition, we look at all possible, existing management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001. Integration of different types of management systems will increase the efficiency of systems for your business and will increase access for your employees.
Laboratories working under a quality management system have arranged that tests are carried out according to their own standards or fully validated methods and, where possible, the tests be based on traceable standards. When laboratories have been accredited, it means they have proven to tests with a high degree of certainty and in accordance with a specific standard or validated by a completely different method. Important is also participating in intercomparisons, in which the performance of the laboratory for specific operations are compared with a group of other laboratories.
For laboratories, two standards apply:
• ISO / IEC 17025 for general laboratories.
• ISO 15189 for medical laboratories.

An important part of maintaining your management system is the regular check of the managemnt system through internal audits. In this way the laboratory continuously improves the system to achieve your goals. QA Laboratory Consult can perform these internal audits for you or we can train your people as internal auditors.

If you have questions about the implementation / maintenance of management systems or internal audit or do you wish to continue our exchange of views on this subject, please use this form or an e-mail to: info @