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QA Laboratory Consult


Advice and support

QA Laboratory Consult is specialised in supplying laboratory advice from a highly customer-oriented and practical approach. We find it very important to listen carefully to the customer and all aspects that the customer finds important. Well-implemented quality management systems provide a better quality of results and less errors. This will certainly appeal to everyone and every manager. QA Laboratory Consult is good at organizing and planning implementation projects towards laboratory accreditation and strong in working with clients. We are connected to a network of laboratory specialists and thus we can ensure continuity of support and multiple specialties 


We are specialised in the following services:

·         Implementation of Management systems (ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 15189, ISO 9001, ISO 14001) and controlling the process towards accreditation

·         Integration of management systems

·        Internal audits / laboratory audits

·         Laboratory Accreditation and Quality Management

·         Laboratory training

·         Water quality and environmental monitoring

·         Chemical substances and REACH

·         (International) projects


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