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Chemical substances and REACH


Chemical substances and REACH

REACH is the European Regulation for chemical substances (Registration, Evaluation, Autorisation and restriction of CHemical substances). When your company produces, imports, distributes or uses chemical substances, you must know the risks of these chemical substances and you must implement control measures. Information about chemical substances can be found in MSDSses (Material Safety Data Sheets). In these MSDSses is information is presented about risks of the chemical substances for workers and for the environment. Next measures are presented for protection of health, safety and environment. In the CLP Regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packiging) the rules are described for classification, labelling and packiging of chemical substances and mixtures. This Regulation is also called the EU-GHS Regulation.

QA Laboratory Consult can assist you and your company with interpretation of the information in MSDSses. Next we can help your company to implement REACH and CLP Regulation in your company.

As an example, QA Laboratory Consult is involved in an EU project concerning the technical assistance with the implementation of REACH in Turkey. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization is supported with the implementation of REACH and the impact of REACH on Turkish industry is investigated.